We exist to create an army of nurse health coach leaders. Leaders who are ready to revolutionize healthcare through optimization of a holistic approach to humanity and life.

We transform our nurses into high-income high-impact entrepreneurs through business building and money mindset work.

We firmly believe that when heart-centered nurse coaches make GREAT money, we’re talking six-figures and beyond, that they are able to POWERFULLY give back to the people they serve; people who are seriously sick, suffering, and hurting.

Our world needs the work of coaching. And we need nurse coaches to be on the frontier of this revolution.

Welcome, we are so glad you’re here. Now let’s change the world together.

Meet Our Founder

Hello my lovely tribe!

My name is Leah Stanley Brandner, founder and CEO of the Nurses Coaching Academy.

There’s a quote out there that goes something like this: “there’s always a breakdown before a break-through.” And that couldn’t be more true of the birth of the Nurses Coaching Academy.

In fact, I would say getting to this point has been a journey- one that will no doubt, continue to evolve.

My breakdown happened as a burnt out bedside RN. I felt like a complete fraud- becoming more and more unhealthy and severely unhappy.

My purpose, I thought, was to inspire and empower my patients to take control of their health and lives. But instead of living in alignment with that value, I felt that I was enabling them, and myself to continue down a pattern of destructive living.

I had no choice but to act.

I left the bedside and pursued independent health coaching. I had success and I eventually transitioned into coaching other health coach entrepreneurs around business, money mindset, and success.

I loved it. But something was still missing. That nursing piece of my identity that I left behind was still there, and begging to resurface.

I realized a beautiful way to marry my identities of nurse, money coach, and successful entrepreneur: create an academy for other nurse coaches and teach them how to have massive success in business. Why? Because it is my firm belief that nurses are special. We have an incredibly unique approach to health and life. We are a highly heart-centered tribe.

In my opinion, we make the best coaches. We are excellent listeners, we have an above average understanding of physiology and the human body, and we see what happens when the body and spirit are NOT nurtured properly. We truly sense the urgency of creating massive social change.

But, we went to school to be nurses. Not business people.

We have unique strengths that make us naturally great coaches. But, we also have unique weaknesses and challenges when it comes to the business side of being a successful nurse coach.

You’ve gotta nail the business side of it too.

If you don’t, your impact on the hurt, sick, and suffering people of this world drastically decreases.

When you’re killing it as an entrepreneur and have set yourself up for success first, the Income, the Influence, and the IMPACT naturally follow.

You absolutely can have it all…

An amazing career as a nurse coach, health, wealth, and a ton of impact on the world as a whole.

It start with you.

And I’m so glad you’re here,